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TV7 is a national terrestrial TV channel that started on air in November, 2005.

In May 2009 TV7 was bought by the Austrian investment fund “Bulgarian Media Holdings GMBH”. Currently, TV Seven is managed by a three-member Board of Directors, including the following individuals Alexander Payr, Evelina Koleva and Ognian Dimov.

TV7 currently has 24 hours general entertainment TV program.  TV Seven’s scope of activity includes: production and broadcasting of television programs transmitted by air, satellite and cable; TV7 currently has 24 hours general entertainment TV program targeting different type of audience by offering wide range of movies, TV series, news, as well as different types of talk shows and broadcasts. TV7 is the only TV channel in Bulgaria that is authorized to air Formula 1 competitions exclusively.

In June 2007, the children targeted channel Super 7 was registered as the first Bulgarian children channel. The program of the station aired both entertaining and educational programs in Bulgarian.

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