Jazz-Rocking Pop

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Jazz-Rocking PopJazz-Rocking Pop
Or the art of doing whatever you like

Marina Dragomiretzkaya – voice, Kalin Zhechev – piano, Hristo Ganev – percussion
19th November 2012, 7 o’clock pm, Club Studio 5
A while after changing the clocks to the winter daylight-saving time, Marina Dragomiretzkaya will once again warm up our mood with her voice on Monday, 19th November 2012, in Studio 5. She will be traditionally accompanied by her stage partner the jazz pianist Kalin Zhechev, and Hristo Ganev – the percussionist from Mango Duende – will also join them for the performance.
The successful cooperation of Kalin and Marina is strongly proved by the more and more frequent invitations of the jazz duet to perform on the local festival stage. In July they were chosen to perform on July Jazz My Stage in Smolyan, and in October they were honoured to open the Youth Jazz festival in Dimitrovgrad.
The club stage is not any less familiar to both of them. After the concert of classic jazz standards they offered us in the end of the last creative season, now in the beginning of the new one, they are ready to show us something different. They challenged themselves to surprise us with pop-rock classics, touched by their unique jazz improvisation feel. That is what we will be able to listen to in Studio 5, at 7 o’clock pm – starting from the 80s and then coming right to right now.
And although in November, although on Monday, everybody could be part of the art of doing whatever you like, especially under the sound of Jazz-Rocking Pop and an unforgettable journey in the world of music!

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