Sofia Intro! Festival is postponed for the autumn

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Sofia Intro! Festival is postponed for the autumn
There will be celebrity involved!

The announced for May Sofia Intro! Festival is postponed for the autumn 2012. The reason is the expected bad weather with strong and persistent rain during the three designated days – 10th, 11th and 12th May. Another reason is that in the meantime there opportunities for talks and visits of a world-class stars have arisen, some of which have come so far in our country.
The aim of the organizers is to confirmed that all groups will remain in the same lineup in the autumn. Some of the artists will visit the country before the festival and get in touch with the native audience. Currently is running the club tour of the popular Australian pop rock duo QPD, that is among the artists chosen by the festival.
Those who have already purchased tickets for Sofia Intro! Festival can get their money back or you can re-certified their tickets for the autumn event at Eventim. The organizers decided to make a gesture to anyone who has already bought a ticket – an additional free ticket for a friend!
More information on the artists and bands is expected as well as the announcement of the big names!

Sofia Intro! Festival will be held in two completely different scenes as a music style – Rock scene and DJ scene. Besides music, a bunch of additional attractions are expected to make the festival unforgettable days. Among the groups that are planned and are awaiting confirmation are Lordi (Finland), Eisbrecher (Germany), SLOT (Russia), H-Blockx (Germany), Mono Inc (Germany), Doomfoxx (Avstraliya), QPD (Avstraliya), DJ Sascha (Germany), Marcus Raute (Italy), Abnormal Boyz (Italy), Drunken Masters (Germany) and many others. Negotiations with many Bulgarian groups are on course as well.

One day ticket price is 50 BGN leva and the three-day ticket is  120 BGN leva. Tickets can be purchased from ticket offices throughoutEurope and online on websites of the broadcasters. From each and every festival ticket 5 BGN leva will be donated to non-governmental social organizations as I Can Too, Animal Rescue-Sofia and others.


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