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Born in 1979, Varna. Graduated MA in Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in St. Cyril and St. Methodius, Veliko Turnovo University,  Bulgaria /2007/ and Specialization from the Graphic Art Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland /2008/ Lives and works in Varna. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists /2010/.  He has realized over 25 solo exhibitions in Varna, Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Sofia, Belgium and Denmark. He has participated in over 150 group exhibitions, festivals of contemporary art, annuals, biennials and triennials of drawing, printmaking, collage and painting. He has received fifteen awards for graphics, ex libris, drawing and painting. His works are in 19 collections in Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Uruguay, Thailand, Japan and China. He live and work in Varna like freelance artist.


You can see his projects here: http://kaloyan-iliev-kokimoto.blogspot.bg/

For more information: kokindus@yahoo.com


“In my works I recreate the relationship between myself and people in a manipulated reality. The unusual thinks that I create in graphics, drawings, collages, photographs and installations are as fruit of my memories and creative inventions. In many of my works can be seen my interest in various social problems. New world order, the role of icons in modern society and attitudes towards animals are just some of the topics that repeatedly can be found in my works. Passing of religion in politics, to everyday situations absurd, I’m interested in more common emotional and mental conditions such as narcissism, longing for love and beauty. I have already been working with existing visual material, which I enrich with my own developments with narrative character. I tell my stories in a new way, focusing on specific aspects of the plot and so I describe my experiences once again, but this time as a spectator.”

Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto


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