JULYANA HICHEVA Transition of bodies

„Transition of bodies “ is a project inspired by movement, as an embodiment of pure existence.
The movement of shadows, as a reflection of our physical bodies passing through the dark of night.
I’ve always enjoyed the perspective that movement provides. The excitement that the blurred images has also proved of key importance.

Just as Kandinsky noted: „A work of art consists of two elements – external and internal. The internal element is the excitement that resonates in the artist’s soul. This excitement has the capacity to elicit a similarly soulful reaction in the observer. For as long as the soul is connected to the body it can only be roused by emotions.

Thus, emotions from a bridge between the physical (the artist) and the intangible (the observer).“
The works in this series were created using landscape painting techniques with the aim of recreating moving images. The photographic experiments attempt to capture the movement of shadows.
Julyana Hicheva was born in Varna, in 1980.
She has received a BA in Painting and MA in Photography at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Her works address the present and the impact of emotion and experience. Her more recent work shines a light on the abstract images concealed deep un the nature of things – such as the motion in stillness.
She embraces movement in her life and work.

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