The Credo Bonum Gallery presents:

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SELF-PORTRAIT Installation by Mariela Gemisheva
Curator: Iara Bubnova

On Thursday, 29th June, from 18:30 the Credo Bonum Gallery is going to present an exhibition by the famous fashion designer and contemporary artist Mariela Gemisheva. Her Self-Portrait Installation comprises the cornerstones from her work so far. Another highlight of the event will be the premiere of her book Self-Portrait – with photographs, texts and interviews from her 20 years of artistic experience. Authors include Iara Boubnova and Demna Dimitrova, while the design was made by Kiril Zlatkov. The exhibition will be open in Credo Bonum Gallery from 22nd June to 16th July 2017.

Mariela Gemisheva is undoubtedly one of the most Important names in Bulgarian fashion design. What’s more, she is an artist who uses the language of fashion in contemporary art, and a creator of clothes that become a form of art. The models in her fashion shows are elevated to the status of walking sculptures. Through them, the artist speaks about the feminist revolution, about the vacillations and contradictions of contemporary femininity, but also about the complicated dialogue between various social and cultural spaces.

Ass. Prof. Mariela Gemisheva is a fashion designer and performance artist, a maker of installations and art objects, a lecturer in Fashion Projects at the Fashion Department at the National Academy of Art. She is famous for her many memorable and innovative experiments in the sphere of fashion and art performance. She posed in front of the camera of Alexander Nishkov for his Self-Portrait (2008). Mariela Gemisheva defines art as “a practice, a piece of communication, a process, a restlessness – a dynamics that you can use to measure your everyday rhythm” (Self-Knowledge – an interview with Vladia Mihaylova on fashion, art and the contemporary woman, Intelligent life, Spring 2008)
Provocation is a key element of her works, which the American curator Roger Conover defines as “unimitable in her ability to turn any limitation into an advantage” (In Search of Balkania catalogue, Roger Conover, 2002.)

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