Snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan visits Slavi Trifonov

December 13, 2011
“The biggest snooker legend” – with these words Slavi Trifonov presented his guest Ronnie O’Sullivan. Three-time world champion who made the fastest maximum break in snooker history turned out to be the man who inspired Slavi Trifonov to become a fan of the game. That’s why the host had prepared a special gift for his guest – a handmade box for a cue made from African wood with the logo of the Slavi Show.
What a big fan Slavi is of the Englishman Ronnie O’Sullivan became clear from the questions that he asked: “Why, from time to time you don’t win?” or “This young guy, Judd Trump, why do you let him beat you from time to time, you’re obviously open-minded?”. Ronnie O’Sullivan replied that he doesn’t like to lose, “sometimes it just turns out this way – sometimes you’re very good, sometimes you’re not very good.”
Slavi continued with the questions that he had probably often asked himself while watching snooker on TV. “Why do you eat crackers while playing?”, “Because I get hungry”, answered the snooker player who is famous with his nickname “The Rocket”.
Ronnie O’Sullivan is the player with the most maximum breaks in snooker history. So Slavi didn’t miss the opportunity to ask his guest how he could make a maximum of 147 points (author’s note: within one turn at the table). Ronnie O’Sullivan answered: “Sometimes you know from the start, that whatever happens, you’ll manage to make 147. You feel it – and you just do it!”
Slavi had prepared a few more specific questions for his favorite snooker player: “Why did you get up from the match with Stephen Hendry and leave?” – “I didn’t feel very well. I decided I had to rest. I had a bad day at the office. I went out, I had a few drinks, I had a good time, I made myself happy again”, answered Ronnie O’Sullivan demonstrating a typical British humor.
Slavi Trifonov admitted that he feels very annoyed when his favorite snooker player loses. Ronnie O’Sullivan in turn said that it is irritating when Tiger Woods or Roger Federer don’t win. “But this is sports”, concluded The Rocket.
Ronnie O’Sullivan is the third famous snooker player who is a guest of “Slavi’s Show” after Sean Murphy and John Higgins.

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