More than 100 people worked in the open at Telenor Park Office last week

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More than 100 visitors benefited from Telenor’s
summer offer this week and enjoyed the opportunity to perform their job duties and tasks
in the open. In Zaimov park, in close proximity to Sofia Theatre, the company provided
all the necessary conditions for successful work outside the walls of the usual office –
creative space and a stable internet connection. Sofia is only one of the towns and
resorts in Bulgaria where Telenor users have access to a technology network that has
become popular as 4.5G, thus offering even better opportunities for “remote” work.
The idea of “remote work”, which is already popular in the world, brought together
numerous followers in Sofia as well. Throughout the week, the 30 comfortable seats
attracted entrepreneurs, freelancers, programmers, designers, photographers,
consultants, writers, bloggers, journalists, artists and others, as well as company
employees who can work remotely. The open workspace was met with great interest
also thanks to the different opportunities for sharing knowledge, meeting interesting
people and combining the work with the pleasure.

With the very opening of the creative space on Monday, Telenor introduced the
new features of the MyTelenor application that enable users to pay their bills and
recharge their prepaid cards easier and quicker. Over the next few days, visitors were
advised about the maintenance and security of their mobile devices, thanks to Dr.
OhZabi filed clinic, organized by the Safer Internet Center.
On Wednesday the visitors were counseled on one of the hottest topics in the
digital world – the General Data Privacy Regulation that came into force on May 25,
2018. Bozhidar Bozhanov, Software Engineer and Executive Director of LogSentinel,
summed up “Everything You Need to Know about GDPR, But You Are Ashamed to Ask.”
Bozhidar is among the authors of the software, which will be used by the State eGovernment Agency to protect the personal data from being misused.

In the coming days, all Telenor Park Office guests looked into the future thanks to
shared ideas for the perspective of the urban mobility by SPARK – electric car sharing
and their innovative car rental service with just one click on the mobile phone.
Photographer Vera Gotseva (LOMOVERA) taught the visitors how to capture impressive
footage from their everyday life during a hands-on workshop on product photography
with a smartphone, hosted by Huawei.

Telenor Bulgaria is a leading telecommunication company with over 3.1 million active
subscribers in Bulgaria. Telenor Bulgaria is part of the international Telenor Group which
operates across Europe and Asia and has 170 million mobile subscribers. On March 21,
2018, Telenor Group announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell its assets
in Central and Eastern Europe and these assets, including Telenor Bulgaria, have been
classified as ‘discontinued operations and held for sale’.

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