Art Gallery Balchik

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The European Cultural Association has been invited to hold an art exhibition in Art Gallery Balchik, Bulgaria. The gallery is part of the Historical Museum of Balchik.

The theme of the exhibition is Happiness and it will be on display from 3rd to 31st  August 2012. The opening is on Friday 3rd August, at 6pm.

The European Cultural Association is an active group of artists as well as other people, mainly from Finland, interested in culture and international activities. The artists in the Happiness exhibition are: Nadezda Blagoeva, Cris Ciobanu, Pirjo Heino, Katja Juhola, Aila Koivisto, Arja Kunttu, Ritva Lindfors, Moona Metsoila, Nonna Nina Mäki and Anja Mattila-Tolvanen.


Nadezda Blagoeva is a Bulgarian visual artist, living in Finland, who works in the fields of painting, drawing, icon painting, graphics, illustration,  design, applied arts, art projects and performances. She has had several exhibitions in Bulgaria and in Finland and some of her works are part of private and public art collections.

Christina Ciobanu is a Romanian artist, whose abstract and expressive paintings are inspired by the stages of life and rhythm. In addition  to being an artist, she is a stage and costume designer at the Bacovia Theatre, Bacau. Cristina Ciobanu also writes poems.

Pirjo Heino has had hundreds of exhibitions in Finland and in Europe  as well as in India, Turkey, Egypt and the USA. In her modern art works she represents life and  its surprises in the form of a “capricious garden”.

Katja Juhola, visual artist, graduated from the Turku Arts Academy. She has already had numerous exhibitions both at home and abroad. Through her expressive works, she gives colours the power to play and flare.

Aila Koivisto is a visual artist, who gets her joy of life from the creative force of art. She uses water colour, acryl and oil colour to express the images of her mind.

Arja Kunttu gets good feelings from making art. It also helps her to understand different things. She has studied art for over 20 years.  “My favorite subjects are different themes of nature and handicraft portraits, of which I have been painting series since 2006, she says.

Ritva Lindfors works as a designer of set decorations at the Finnish Broadcasting Company. I walk a lot in nature and I am happy there, she says. I make oil paintings on site alla prima, and finish them at home.

Moona Metsoila finds her inspiration in dreamlike landscapes of the mind, which she describes mostly with brittle feminine shapes and winged creatures. Besides oil colours, she uses paper pulp and concrete to express herself. Moona Metsoila also writes poems.

Nonna-Nina Mäki paints  colourful, mystical works with acryl colours and mixed media. Her inspiration comes from nature, other cultures, states of mind and feelings.

Anja Mattila-Tolvanen uses  photography to show those silent messages that can be heard when you walk with your senses awake.  When you take pictures with your heart, you see the soul of the nature, discover fragments of happiness and find the beauty of the universe, she says.



Welcome to the exhibition!

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