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The Credo Bonum Gallery

The Credo Bonum Gallery presents:

SELF-PORTRAIT Installation by Mariela Gemisheva Curator: Iara Bubnova On Thursday, 29th June, from 18:30 the Credo Bonum Gallery is going to present an exhibition by the famous fashion designer and contemporary artist Mariela Gemisheva. Her Self-Portrait Installation comprises the cornerstones from her work so far.

Проект Global Worm Inc

Project name: Global Worm Inc.

Project name: Global Worm Inc.* – Kido Character Design Author Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto *The title is a word play and a parallel to the “Global Warming” Kido is Kokimoto’s so-called “well-intentioned pet”, a type of a computer worm, and his name comes from the

Калоян Илиев - Кокимото

Кaloyan Iliev- Kokimoto

  Born in 1979, Varna. Graduated MA in Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in St. Cyril and St. Methodius, Veliko Turnovo University,  Bulgaria /2007/ and Specialization from the Graphic Art Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland /2008/ Lives and


  HANDMADE WALL PANELS OF WISHES, CARPES OF HAPPINESS, BAGS, etc. Usability: personal talisman, talisman for home, magical decoration for holidays – EASTER, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS EVE, NEW YEAR, CHILDBIRTH, WEDDING, CHRISTENING, etc. UNIQUE OBJECTS OF ART 100 % wool Handmade wall panels of wishes, made

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