Usability: personal talisman, talisman for home, magical decoration for holidays – EASTER, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS EVE, NEW YEAR, CHILDBIRTH, WEDDING, CHRISTENING, etc.


100 % wool

Handmade wall panels of wishes, made of natural wool, with a pocket, in which small slips of paper with written wishes, coins, fortune slips and other symbols, are being left as per what you desire to happen with you.

If you decide to write down particular wishes, you have to do it at New Moon. What is written becomes true, if this is what you hardly desire and it does not hurt other people. During each New Moon you can write down wishes or a plan, what you desire to achieve, and then you can put the slip of paper into the pocket of the wall panel or into a handmade bag.

In the wall panel’s pocket could be left an EASTER EGG, a small vase with flowers, and when there are bi holidays, it is good to be left coins too. 

The handmade bags are also suitable for an EASTER EGG, and they are essential part of the decoration of CHRISTMAS EVE and CHRISTMAS table, and they have to be full of coins, so they can attract material goods.

The handmade small carpets of happiness have the same power and usability. As per folklorе’s beliefs, these wall panels, carpets, bags, table cloths, etc…, protect home against evil and attract goodness, they give health, love and successes. Wool is a powerful source of energy.

As per Feng Shui (and many other cultures, including Bulgarian one) each object, which is handmade out of natural materials is powerful source of positive energy. If natural materials have been used – wood, stone, natural wood, etc., and the master have worked full of love and warmth, then such an object has an unique value and high positive energy.

The secret of the positive influence of the handmade talismans is hidden in their workmanship. 


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